Replacement Windows 1 Two men in working clothes set new window frame into the window opening Did you have a baseball come shattering through the window? Are you wanting to remodel and get new look? If that’s the case - we’re here to help! Paradigm Glass offers full window replacements of all shapes and sizes. Our team of specialists will evaluate your situation and find the right solution.

Full Frame Installation

In some situations a window replacement requires the entire frame to be removed from the structure and fully replaced. Overtime weather can deteriorate the structure of the window which causes the window to become loose and drafty. To avoid losing heat and continual issues with your window, a full frame installation would solve all your problems. Once the new frame is installed we can install a replacement window that is secured to the surrounding studs along with a replacement trim.

Insert Installation

To avoid undergoing a full frame installation some window frames are still in good shape and do not require a new one. In these cases most windows can be replaced in the existing sliding, sheetrock, trim or exterior veneer.


Replacing your windows will not only create a new look aesthetically for your house, but also increase the value of your home. By having new working windows your property will gain the extra dollar. Another great benefit to replacing your windows with new ones, is that it increases energy efficiency as well. With loose windows, air easily escapes and enters just as quickly. By updating your windows, this prevents either heat or air conditioning escaping from your home and potentially increasing your electric bills.

We have multiple options for different types of window installations:

  • Insulated Windows (High Efficiency)
  • Architectural Glass
  • Safety Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Wire Glass
  • Patterned GLass
  • Screen Installation
  • Solar Screens